Cutoff Registration and Refund policies for 2020

NLT Midnight (CDT) May 27th: 100% refund less $50 Service Fee
May 28th to Midnight (CDT) June 30th: 50% Refund
July 1st: No Refunds

Denied Visa entries to the United States are eligible for a full refund minus a $20 service fee subject to Registration Chair approval.

Policy on Commercialism

IEEE EMC Society policy prohibits commercialism in all presentations. This applies to written papers, poster papers, presentation slides as well as oral presentations.
Before publication, all presentation materials shall be reviewed by the Symposium Committee for commercialism, and rejected or revised if necessary.

The following guidelines will be used by the Symposium Committee when reviewing all technical papers and presentation materials:

Authors name, company name, address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail address may be on the first slide only.

All subsequent slides may have only one (discreet) company logotype occupying less than 3% of the total image area in the margin or footer of each slide. No name, address or phone number may be shown.

Material printed in the symposium record may contain, name, company, address, and phone number on the first page only. No logotypes may be used, and no additional mention may be made of the company except as necessary for the technical content of the paper.

Presenters shall refrain from making statements implying their company’s product or service is superior than others, or that such products or services are necessary.

References to trade names shall be considered commercial and shall be minimized.

EMC SIPI Symposium Tote Bag Policy

Only promotional items such as a pen, key chain, compass, note pad, flashlight, etc., may be placed in tote bags.

Advertising materials such as brochures, catalogs, data sheets, product reports, product flyers, etc. are not allowed.

Exhibitor suppling items for the tote bag must supply at least one person to help stuff the tote bags.

Prior to the tote bag stuffing the steering committee shall review all items for suitability. Items deemed not fitting the above guidelines shall be removed.